I am more than happy to discuss individual requirements with customers and make a guitar to your own specifications. Whether this is choosing your own woods, neck scale, or custom inlay, this to me is the beauty of making handmade instruments!

At the moment I have a range of woods available including walnut, pear, cherry and ash. Much of the wood I have has come from sustainable sources, for example, the walnut came from my mother's orchard where I grew up in Belgium. If you have any specific requests for woods in your guitar I am happy to discuss them with you.

You can specify string spacing, neck dimensions and shape, nut and saddle width, scale length, pickup type and configuration. Also customer wiring options are available (within reason).

I have done many instrument repairs including re-fretting, repairing necks, and creating custom inlays. Please don't hesitate to contact me with any inquiries regarding repairs.

Custom inlay in progress

Custom inlay. The client wanted the logo of the band Frightened Rabbit inlayed in mother of pearl into the headstock of his guitar. These pictures show the whole process; before, cutting and inlay, and the final result.