All my instruments are completely handmade from start to finish including the bridges and pickups. I shape each instrument by hand using traditional hand tools, use traditional glues and finish with a shellac polish. Choosing woods based on their suitability for instrument making, aesthetics and sustainability, I like to use reclaimed woods where possible. 

Over a number of years I have developed, tweaked and tested my own unique design that I am now very satisfied with and proud of.  I have also developed a bridge design and wind my own pickups.




My bridges are made from a combination of woods with a saddle made from bone. The bridges have a wedge-shaped piece that can be slid in and out and changes the action height. The bridges are not glued to the body and can be moved back and forth as a means of adjusting the intention. 


I love the natural organic sound of acoustic instruments and I also love the response and tone shaping of electrics. To my ears, a wooden bridge creates a warmer, more earthy tone, a sound more reminiscent of an acoustic instrument, a very clear, colourful sound that is beautifully bright but never harsh. 


I know from the instruments that I have made with wooden bridges and from other makers that use wooden bridges that they have all the natural clarity and definition that you would want and expect from an acoustic instrument with all the advantages and tone shaping possibilities you would want and expect from an electric instrument.


Wooden bridges are also very rare on electric instruments and are a large part of what gives my instruments their unique tone and character. They provide a familiar tone in a new and interesting setting that works well with and complements any style of music and playing.